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Precast & Prestressed Walling Systems

Concrete Division Walling

  • Quick To Install – Easy to fit panels created with the end user in mind
  • Cost Effective – No need for costly machinery or additional labour

Either by using our prestressed wall panels or our BLOK-it interlocking Lego style concrete blocks, concrete division walls can be used to create individual storage bays to separate your crops or other agricultural produce. Whether installing a temporary divide within your grain store or an external storage bay for any bulk materials our panels or BLOK-it Lego style concrete blocks are the solution for you.

Fixed Prestressed Walling

Prestressed panels for a more permanent wall, we manufacture prestressed concrete panels to bolt either in between or on the face of stanchions, our tongue & grooved panel systems provide a secure division between your produce to minimise cross contamination. These can be manufactured as either 'single' loaded (takes pressure from one side) or 'double' loaded, (can take equal loading from either side).

Our panels also have chamfered edges to reduce the chance of chipping when installing, this also provides a ‘V’ shape when panels are located on top of each other, this ‘V’ allows for a strip of mastic to be located to provide a smooth seal to prevent moisture ingress if required.

Freestanding Precast Walling

Our BLOK-it interlocking concrete block system offers the ability to give you a temporary, freestanding, durable concrete dividing wall to suit your needs. With the changing requirements for storage the ability to move your walling system to meet your needs efficiently & effectively is key.

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