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Concrete Prestressed Panels Fabrication

Manufactured and designed to BS5502-22:2003 and BS8110-1:1997 and CE marked, our prestressed panels are manufactured using a minimum 50N/mm super plasticised concrete (usually achieving 60N/mm in tests) designed specifically for us by one of the Country’s biggest concrete producers guaranteeing concrete strength. We use a 9.3mm high tensile strand wire which is stressed using a calibrated stressing jack to give an even and consistent stress throughout the panel. The panels are heat cured to accelerate the curing process. Our panels also have chamfered edges to reduce the chance of chipping when installing, this also provides a ‘V’ shape when panels are located on top of each other, this ‘V’ allows for a strip of mastic to be located to provide a smooth seal to prevent moisture ingress.

Our prestressed panels are a quick and easy way to build walls for varying applications including: Cattle sheds, Milking Parlours, Stables, Grain Stores, Silage Clamps, Slurry Stores, Aggregate Storage, Waste Transfer Stations, Recycling Storage Bays and are a stronger, quicker and more efficient way to build a wall.

The panels can either be manufactured to your personal requirements or we carry stocks of standard size panels at most times of year.

Sizes available

We can manufacture lengths of prestressed panels up to 7.0m.

Standard stock lengths available:

  • 4.572m (15ft)
  • 6.096m (20ft)

Heights of panels available are as follows:

  • 0.490m
  • 0.590m
  • 1.0m
  • 1.2m

Thickness of panels available are as follows:

  • 100mm (usual for Cattle storage, Stabling, Light aggregates etc..)
  • 145mm (usual for Grain storage, Silage clamps, Slurry stores, heavy aggregates or retention etc..)

Loadings available in either:

  • Single (pressure from one side only)
  • Double (pressure from either or both sides)

Any combination of the above can be made.

Swivel lifters tested and certified can be provided as requested.

All panels come complete with galvanised fixing plates, bolts and washers and all 145mm panels are supplied with a 600ml polyurethane mastic sealant foil, mastic is also available to purchase if required for the 100mm panels.

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