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Precast & Prestressed Walling Systems

Concrete Flood Defence

  • Quick To Install – Easy to fit panels created with the end user in mind
  • Cost Effective – No need for costly machinery or additional labour

Our concrete retaining wall systems are a strong and versatile solution for use as flood defence walling. Our range includes prestressed concrete panels and our BLOK-it interlocking Lego-style concrete blocks, these can be used to create a permanent or semi permanent structure. These can be fitted without the need for a foundation.

Fixed Prestressed Walling

Prestressed panels for a more permanent wall, we manufacture prestressed concrete panels to bolt either in between or on the face of stanchions, our tongue & grooved panel systems provide a secure interlocked wall.

These can be manufactured as either ‘single’ loaded (takes pressure from one side) or ‘double’ loaded, (can take equal loading from either side).

Heights available

  • 0.490m
  • 0.590m
  • 1.000m
  • 1.200m

Freestanding Precast Walling

Our BLOK-it interlocking concrete block system offers the ability to give you a temporary, freestanding, durable heavy duty concrete wall to suit your needs. With the changing requirements for security the ability to move your walling system to meet your needs efficiently & effectively is key.

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